Figurative Paintings

All the life size figurative paintings are approximately eight feet tall.  I have the subject  in the photographs so you can get a better sense of their actual size.  Most of these paintings are privately owned.  For discussion of  a commission of a family member, a friend or even a pet, please contact me through the "about/contact"  link above.

Approach to Painting

JOHN ROBERTSON EXPLORES an unconventional approach toward figurative painting, by turning from traditional representation to emotional and psychological investigation.  Robertson us may use only one or two color and dripping and splattered ink and paint to create a particular insight. This leads to a psychological narrative and all its implications as a conceptual representation of the subject.

Relationship Between Artist and the Figure

Like the portraits, when painting the full body on tries to establish a  relationship between the client and myself.  I try and peel away the layers and bare their inner soul. The person knows I may distort their perception of themselves and understand that identity is something more than a visual representation. I don't feel a need to reproduce a face. I'm more interested in the idea of the person. I want to challenge people to think and to react - but not necessarily see an exact likeness of the person." Some of the portraits have drawn concern about the implications of the image. I admit that the harsher the image the more reaction I get. Some of these portraits may be a little hard but most subjects appreciate my strong point of view and like to see themselves interpreted in this manner.