Sunday morning surf fishing on the Carpenteria beach.

Surf fishing is the sport of catching fish standing on the shoreline or wading in the surf. A general term, surf fishing may or may not include casting a lure or bait, and refers to all types of shore fishing – from sandy and rocky beaches, rock jetties, or even fishing piers.

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C Street Surfing Painting

Surf’s up a bit at “C” street this morning running 3 to 4 feet and supposed to be a little higher this afternoon. Also it should be a little bit bigger tomorrow morning and I will go down for the early morning light. I live only a couple of blocks from the beach and Ventura’s “C" Street break. My studio is even closer.

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Kayaker in the Ocean Figurative Drawing

Kayaker going by in the morning at the bottom of Sajon St. beach, Ventura. Very peaceful. Considered putting Dolphins in the drawing but thought that may be just too cutesy. The 31 drawings seem to be shaping up as all tied into the beach in some manner. There is always something different or unique going on at the beach everyday. It’s natural to draw as we live and studios are only a few blocks from the ocean. 

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