Skateboard Assemblage by Artist John Robertson

The skateboard deck uses tail lights and a mirror from a 1940's auto.

This skateboard  deck assemblage was created by sports artist John Robertson for a donation to the SURF AND SKATE AUCTION (in conjunction with the Venice Art Walk) supporting the Venice Family Clinic...  The Venice Family Clinic, founded in 1970, offers medical, dental and mental health care at nine Westside locations for those without insurance or the means to pay.  Venice Family Clinic Facebook page:!/venicefamilyclinic
 Nose of the skateboard deck using tail lights and a mirror from a 1940's auto.

Tail of the Skateboard deck  using tail lights and a mirror from a 1940's auto.

The SURF AND SKATE AUCTION  is at Track 16, at Bergamot Station,
2525 Michigan Ave,
Building C-1, Santa Monica Ca.   
Friday, April 27, 6-10 pm.  

This is the kick off for the Venice Art Walk with celebrity hosts, one-of-a-kind skate decks and custom-shaped surfboards from local artists, musicians, athletes and tattoo artists.    

Skateboard Art

I was down at the Venice, Ca. skate park a bit ago and saw this dwarf skating in one of the bowls.  Here he image of the skateboarder grinding on the lip of the bowl.  This sports art painting of the skateboarder is 8 1/2" by 11" oil on vellum.
John Robertson sports artist.