Football Art Walter Payton Chicago Bears

Running back Walter Payton of the Chicago Bears image.  Payton has a couple of quotes that represents what kind of guy he was.   The first one lives up to his nickname of “Sweetness”.  The quote is, “Most important thought, if you love someone, tell him or her, for you never know what tomorrow may have in store.”  And the second quote speaks of his about the way in which he played the game. “Running alone is the toughest. You get to the point where you have to keep pushing yourself.”  Payton is one of my grandson’s favorite player so I painted this as a gift to him for his 21st birthday.

The sports art image painting is 24’ x 36” acrylic and ink on canvas.

Art Philadelphia Eagles and Seattle Seahawks football painting

Painting Art Philadelphia Eagles LeSean McCoy #25 Running Back 5' 11", 208 lbs and Seattle Seahawks linebacker LeRoy Hill #56, 6' 1", 238 lbs  The football art, painting is 16” x 20” acrylic on canvas backed paper.  Here is a quote from Leroy Hill.    “It's the noise. On game day, it sounds almost the same. I want to say Death Valley is louder, but sometimes, I don't know, man, it gets loud, like really loud out here.”

Art Boxing Joe Frazier Sports Art

Art Sports Painting by John Robertson
The painting above is 24” x 30” ink and acrylic on canvas. (available)

One of my all time favorite boxers is /was Joe Frazier.  I watched or heard the three great fights he had with Ali (another one of my favorites).  The painting is typical of how I envision the way most of Joe Frazier’s fights ended.  Over a period of time I have created a number of pieces of boxing art - you can see some of them on this blog by starting at the main page and scrolling down to see recent boxing paintings and drawings   Here is a link to Joe Frazier’s web site: