Image Baseball Yankee Batter sports art by John Robertson

Sports Painting.  The sports art painting is that of a New York Yankee batter swinging  at the pitch.  The painting is ink and acrylic on New York maps and a map of the New York subway  system.  There is also a map of the United States.  The baseball player painting is 50" x 70" on unstretched canvas.

Image Jim Thome designated Hitter Philadelphia Phillies baseball art

Art Baseball painting Jim Thome designated Hitter Philadelphia Phillies. The 41-year-old slugger is a solid bat off the bench. As I am an older guy it is good to see an old guy still swinging the bat. The baseball image of Thome is about 8" x 10" on a 11" x 14" drafting film. Ink, watercolor and acrylic.