Yasiel Puig Baseball Art

Yasiel Puig hits a three-run scoring home run to deep left center to give the Dodgers a 5-1 lead over the Milwaukee Brewers. This will probably hold up for the win and a trip to the World Series. This is a second drawing today of the inktober 31 day drawing challenge to do a drawing a day for 31 days. All the other drawings are on paper but I am watching the Dodgers / Brewers 7th game and thought I would try a drawing on my IPad. 

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 10.33.57 PM.png

Kitesurfing at Emma Wood State Beach

Kitesurfer. Emma Wood State Beach. This beach is just a little further up from surfer’s point and the river mouth. The wind is a bit better there for kite surfing.

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 10.31.12 PM.png

Skateboard Deck with Jeff Ho Portrait

The Skateboard Deck was done for a donation for a fundraiser to support 18th Street Project/Arts Center in Santa Monica CA. The main image on the board is of Jeff Ho one of the original Z-Boys. (see original portrait below) Z-Boys were a group of skateboarders in the 1970's from South Santa Monica and Venice California who are credited with inventing modern skateboarding. Jeff comes by a neighbor’s house in Venice, CA so I asked if he would let me paint his portrait. Z-Boys were profiled in the documentary film, Dogtown and Z-Boys.

Surfer Surfboard Builder Jeff Ho portrait by artist John Robertson
50" x 70" acrylic/latex on unstretched canvas