Stand Up Paddleboarder Riding the Waves

This”stand up” paddle boarder was taking a nice ride in the soft surf just past “C” Street but before the point. Temp today 74 degrees and sunny and almost everyday there is some wind. Into the studio and some painting for the rest of the day then home for the World Series. Check out some of my baseball drawings on my feed I’ve been doing about the World Series. I don’t think my wife appreciates me watching sports in the evening. The series will be over shortly my sweetheart. As I am a sports artist I am suppose to keep up on these things. 

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The Dodgers at the World Series 2018

Although I want the Dodgers to win in tonight’s World Series game I look forward to watching pitcher Craig Kimbrel of the Boston Red Sox come in as a relief pitcher. I enjoyed watching Craig pitch last night. He has such an unusual stance for pre-pitch stare for the catcher’s signals. Kimbrel said he used to keep his arm behind his back, but that became too painful when he had biceps tendinitis. So he started holding it out to the side. .

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Yasiel Puig Baseball Art

Yasiel Puig hits a three-run scoring home run to deep left center to give the Dodgers a 5-1 lead over the Milwaukee Brewers. This will probably hold up for the win and a trip to the World Series. This is a second drawing today of the inktober 31 day drawing challenge to do a drawing a day for 31 days. All the other drawings are on paper but I am watching the Dodgers / Brewers 7th game and thought I would try a drawing on my IPad. 

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Kitesurfing at Emma Wood State Beach

Kitesurfer. Emma Wood State Beach. This beach is just a little further up from surfer’s point and the river mouth. The wind is a bit better there for kite surfing.

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Stand Up Paddle

This ”stand up paddle boarder was walking along the promenade just past “c” Street heading out for a nice day in the soft surf. Temp today 75 degrees and sunny with light wind. Another day in paradise with few people out. Mid work week does keep the amount of people at the beach down - although this is part of my work. I guess I shouldn’t call it that.

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Tropical Storm Rosa Brings the Surf to Ventura

Tropical Storm Rosa has brought good surf to Ventura’s “C” Street and “Surfers Point”. And with that comes more surfers and lifeguards. As my studio is not too many blocks from these locations it is natural to draw my times on the beach.

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 5.18.10 PM.png

C Street Surfing Painting

Surf’s up a bit at “C” street this morning running 3 to 4 feet and supposed to be a little higher this afternoon. Also it should be a little bit bigger tomorrow morning and I will go down for the early morning light. I live only a couple of blocks from the beach and Ventura’s “C" Street break. My studio is even closer.

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