Ventura, Ca Surfer Artwork

Tropical Storm Rosa has brought good surf to Ventura’s “C” Street and “Surfers Point”. And with that comes more surfers and lifeguards. As my studio is not too many blocks from these locations it is natural to draw my times on the beach.

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 8.35.46 AM.png

Riding the Waves in Ventura, Ca - Surfer Art

I’m taking up the inktober 31 drawing challenge to do a drawing a day for 31 days. And here is today’s drawing. I live only a couple of blocks from the beach and Ventura’s “C" Street break. My studio is even closer, it is only natural I would draw a surfer. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 11.53.13 AM.png

Live Action of Surfer Riding a Wave

I live only a couple of blocks from the beach and Ventura’s “C" Street break. My studio is even closer, it is only natural I would draw and paint surfers. This is a preliminary ink drawing for future artwork.

surfer figurative drawing

Horseback Jumping at the Ventura County Fair

Another preliminary drawing for a possible large scale painting of someone on horseback jumping an obstacle.. The reference material is from photographs I took at a recent horse and rider event at the Ventura County Fair. 

horse jumping

Jump Shot Basketball Art Painting artist John Robertson

Jump Shot NBA Golden State Warriors

Now, that is certainly not the problem I ever had when I played in pickup games at the gym.  I was not like one of those players on the Warriors that could meet the challenge at either end of the court.  I couldn’t even meet them half way.

The Basketball Jump Shot

ake for example my jump shot. As you can see from my sports art this player has a nice jump shot with a nice hand and arm extension above his head. It is suppose to be an easy shot to make from a distance but I could not do it very well from any distance. Frogs have a better jump shot. A Kangaroo Rat could jump higher than I could.

And, even if I could get off the ground I was easy to block – being short. And being short the only thing I can dunk is cookies into milk - and the only good move I had after that was dribbling – dribbling the milk out of my mouth.

This basketball art  painting of the jump shot made me think of the

Golden State Warriors

in the NBA Western Conference finals and there struggle a couple of times over the season and in the playoffs.  Even though a player might feel great and “in the groove” it can be very frustrating when your shots are not sinking through the net – or you become the bull’s eye for every other player on the other team because you are a great player like Curry. 

So, what are the Golden State Warriors suppose to do?

Back to basics to find a way to get him back in a groove - into different shifts and rotations and working them flawlessly and forgetting the physical discomfort.

Now, how is that for a bunch of platitudes with no real constructive thoughts?

I listen to the sports commentators and that is about all the obvious comments I ever hear.

"The Jump Shot" basketball sports art painting by artist John Robertson is 48" x 60" acrylic on unstretched canvas.

Most of the paintings shown on the blog have been sold. (But there are a few available. What I suggest is that you click on the

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Baseball Image Sandy Kofax LA Dodgers Pitcher Sports Art Venice Art Walk

Sandy Koufax Art

In support the Venice Family Clinic I have donated one of my sports paintings of the great Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher, Sandy Koufax.  The painting is mixed media, ink and acrylic on wood panel,   30 inches by 20

inches.   It will be auctioned at the Venice Art Walk and Silent Auction, taking place on May 20th at Google Headquarters in Venice, Ca..  Google Building, 340 Main St, Venice,  Ca. Noon to 6 pm.  For more information about the Venice Art Walk click here.

Venice Artwalk

Come and participate in the Venice Art Walk.  Raising more than $800,000 in donations, Venice Family Clinic’s Art Walk & Auctions is our biggest art fundraiser in the Los Angeles area.  The auction will have a 350-piece art auction donated by leading contemporary artists.  There will be live entertainment, a beer garden, and an impressive lineup of gourmet food trucks and local vendors.

 About the Venice Family Clinic.  

  Launched in 1970 by volunteer physicians Philip Rossman, MD, founder, and Mayer B. Davidson, MD, co-founder, Venice Family Clinic first operated in space borrowed from a small, store-front dental office after normal business hours. There was—and remains—a tremendous unmet need for affordable health care for those who live in poverty.  Venice Family Clinic provides more than 114,633 primary care, specialty care, mental health, dental, and health education visits annually.  For more information about the clinic click here

This is an opportunity to get one of my sports paintings at a reasonable price.  If you want you can bid early on Paddle8 (click here) now to May 18th.  As you may know I have created sports art for a variety of sports teams and stadiums, including Atlanta Braves, Milwaukee Bucks, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings and many more.

Football Minnesota Vikings Wide Receiver Sports Art Miracle Image

Minnesota Vikings Miracle

Football season is getting close so I thought you would like to see, probably, one of my favorite plays of all time was the Minnesota Miracle pass from the Minnesota Vikings quarterback Case Keenum to wide receiver Stefon Diggs last season that saved the Minnesota Vikings season and crushed the New Orleans Saints and moved the Vikings into the NFC Championship Game.

As some of you know I am a sports artist who has created artwork for a number of sports stadiums and arenas, including the Minnesota Vikings US Bank stadium.  Sometimes a sports play comes along that needs to be painted just for the joy of recreating a scene or action.  So here is my interpretation of the great "Seven Heaven" football catch.

Seven Heaven Play

The football play, "seven heaven" is a deep corner route and if the quarterback, in this case, Case Keenum hits the wide receiver, in this case it’s Stefon Diggs, then something heavenly happens.   And in this particular case, one of the greatest plays of all time.  The football play, if you would llike to watch it again, is  here:  

link to a video of the play


Here’s a quick rundown of how the play went down.  There was 10 seconds showing on the clock and it was 3


and 10 .  The Vikings were at their own 39 yard line.  Stefon Diggs runs the seven heaven route, catches the pass, the cornerback misses the tackle (I’m not giving his name as he has had enough hassle about his missed play) and Diggs scores.  It was the first  fourth-quarter, walk-off touchdown in NFL playoff history.  As an aside here is an interesting comment about the

walk-off touchdown.

The football image was painted by sports artist John Robertson and is 6 feet by 8 feet, acrylic on unstretched canvas.

Basketball Magic Johnson Point Guard Why We Play Sports


Magic Johnson Point Guard

Magic Johnson was the  “quarterback” on the Lakers basketball court -  the point guard - and the most important player on the team - and what most consider the best point guard ever,Some people have referred to Magic Johnson as the indisputable "Point God."   He was an absolutely great, all around player who probably sacrificed individual statistics for the greater good of the team - and in doing so, brought other teammates up to play at a higher level.  And, of course, won more games.  He is the one who led the team by trying to make the good decisions for the plays.  He generally handled the ball more than any other player on the court and passed the ball off to other players to lead them towards a goal. To have a great team is to have a leader who will work to have all contribute to it's success.  And without that great leadership in the "point guard" position few teams have had a high level of successful seasons.

Why Play Sports

 All of this leads me to the good reason of why it is important for people to play sports.  I did as a child and as an adult participated in sports into my sixties and still exercise regularly.  One of the things sports taught me was developing teamwork.  This is a way to learn how to help others, and thereby themselves, to work together towards a specific goal, (winning).  We see this problem of teamwork all the time in the major professional sports.  I think the best example of that is in the NBA where there are "star" players and "winning" teams.  I won’t point out the great players who played on losing teams but one of the downfalls of those teams was the fact that it really wasn’t a “team” but a bunch of individual players just “doing their thing.”   Most sports are a team effort.  And the same goes for life.  We are all in it together and participating in life as a joint venture with others makes for a more successful and fulfilling life.

Magic Johnson Highlights

Magic Johnson played in 12 All-Star games, won five NBA rings, three years the MVP awards and won most valuable player in three Finals.  His career Stats 19.5 points per game, 11.2 assists per game, 5.5 re-bounds per game and 1.9 steels per game.  Those 11.2 assists per game shows how much Magic was a team player.  At 6 feet 9 inches he dominated the point guard position.John Robertson Sports Artist image of a “Point Guard”  is 24” x 36” ink and acrylic on newsprint (Old Sporting News, magazines, books, etc) about the NBA and point guards.  Newsprint attached to ¾” stretched canvas.  To view sports paintings for sale please visit: John Robertson sports Paintings for sale and the sports prints available

Willie Mays Video Sports Art by Artist John Robertson

Willie Mays

Happy Birthday Willie Mays born May 6, 1931.  Here is a video interview of Willie Mays, the “Say Hey Kid”  where sports artist John Robertson created three paintings for Fox Sports back in 2007.  The interview is by Derek Jeter and Ken Griffey Jr. and was shown on Fox Sports during the pregame


2007 Major League Baseball (MLB) All-Star Game in San Francisco.  As you probably know Willie played almost all of his 22-season career playing for New York and then the San Francisco Giants.

How John Robertson Started as Sports Artist

People have asked me how John Robertson got started as a sports artist doing stadiums and arenas for major sports teams.  This is what helped him get started as a sports artist. A short time before creating this work Fox had hired John to create six paintings for a NBA (National Basketball Association) commercial that ran nationally in the major regional basketball markets. Here is a link to that video.  That NBA basketball commercial was the first major sports project he did.

 I apologize for the poor quality of the video but it is all that is available

Kobe Bryant LA Laker Basketball Image Art

Kobe Bryant and Inspiration

kobe Bryant art, sport art, sports art, basketball art, art basketball, basketball images This is a basketball image of Kobe Bryant, one of the greatest basketball players of all times who played his whole basketball career with the LA Lakers.  He has been a great inspiration to me even though he is quite a bit younger than I am.  How has Kobe inspired me?  I remember a quote he said a few years ago when it was difficult for him to be playing.  He said,” I have self-doubt. I have insecurity. I have fear of failure. I have nights when I show up at the arena and I'm like, 'My back hurts, my feet hurt, my knees hurt. I don't have it. I just want to chill.' We all have self-doubt. You don't deny it, but you also don't capitulate to it. You embrace it.”

As I am getting older and there are days I just do not want to go into the studio, I think of how much harder it was for him to face the challenge of his daily playing.  Me?  All I have to do is go into the studio and slap some paint on some canvas.  It’s not like I have to go down into a coal mine and dig out the rock with a hand pick.  Kobe gives me some perspective on my life.  

No, I do Not Want to be Michael Jordan 

Another thing Kobe said that is very insightful - and in particular, to painting.  He said, “I don't want to be the next Michael Jordan, I only want to be Kobe Bryant.”  How does that relate to painting?  Well, one of the mistakes most artists make is that they want to paint like someone else.  They create similar work to others so it is the same thing.  What makes interesting art if for the artist to be different than others.  Be unique.  Don’t copy what others are doing but create your  own work that is unique to you. We already had a Picasso or Van Gogh.  And in Kobe’s case, there was already a Michael Jordan.  It was great to have a Kobe Bryant or a LeBron James.  And now we have a Stephen Curry.  It is much more exciting to have a variety of different kinds of talent.  So we do not want another Kobe Bryant (although we miss you) or a Michael Jordan because we now have a Stephen Curry.

Do I want to be the new LeRoy Neiman of sports art?  No  I want to be the best John Robertson.  I may not being the best sports artist or create great sports art but I will paint paintings and not LeRoy Neiman paintings.

This LA Lakers basketball image of Kobe Bryant is 13" x 19" acrylic on paper.

Sports Prints for Sale

Sports Art Prints For Sale

A variety of prints are available through RedBubble website that handle all the
individual orders, printing and shipping directly to you.

If you are interested to see a variety of more sports art available please click on this link or below and it will take you to my sports merchandise page
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such as: a variety of tee shirts, canvas prints, metal prints,, stationery, home decor,

The chart above gives you the three sizes available for the prints.  There are a couple of frame designs available and four different colors of frame finishes.  There is also a choice of three different colors of mattes.

If you are interested to see a variety of more sports art available please click
on this link or below and it will take you to my sports
merchandise page where there is a wider selection of sports art prints and
other merchandise available, such as: a variety of tee shirts, canvas prints,
metal prints,, stationery, home decor, etc.

John Robertson Sports Art For Sale


John Robertson Sports Art Paintings For Sale

Below represents my current inventory. If you would like to inquire about purchasing a piece or request additional inventory in a particular size, please contact  me at:

Emmitt Smith Dallas Cowboys 

This sports art painting of the great running back for the Dallas Cowboys, Emmitt Smith is approximately 69” x 53” acrylic on unstretched canvas

Vintage Football Quarterback

This football sports art painting captures the retro look of a vintage quarterback  is approximately 48” x 87” acrylic on unstretched canvas.

Baseball Player Left Handed Catcher

This sports art painting is of a left-handed baseball catcher. Approximately 54” x 71” acrylic on unstretched canvas. 

Curveball Pitch

Image of a hand holding a baseball in the manner in which a pitcher would grip the ball to throw a curveball.  This large scale baseball paint is approximately 51” x 69” acrylic on unstretched canvas.

  Baseball image of how a screball is gripped for a pitcher to throw the pitch and in photo is the sports artist JOhn Robertson standing nect to the painting.

Screwball Pitch

Image of a hand holding a baseball in the manner  in which a ptcher would grip the ball to throw a screwball.  The baseball screwball pitch grip painting is 50” x 67” acrylic on unstretched canvas.  This means no stretcher bars or frame.

   Photograph of sports artist John Robertson standing next to a huge baseball art showing how a pitcher grips and places his fingers on a baseball in order to throw a fastball.

Fastball Pitch

Image of a hand holding a baseball in the manner  in which a ptcher would grip the ball to throw a fastball. The baseball fastball pitch grip painting is 50” x 67” acrylic on unstretched canvas.  This means no stretcher bars or frame

  Image montage tribute to Hank Aaron of the Atlanta Braves with baseballs, baseball bats and Hank swinging a bat with a baseball diamond and text.

Hammerin' Hank Aaron

Image montage tribute to Hank Aaron of the Atlanta Braves.  This large scale baseball painting is approximately 72” x 72” acrylic on unstretched canvas.  This means no stretcher bars or frame.

  Image of quarterback Aaron Rodgers quarterback of the Green Bay Packers with his bavk turned to the viewer and showing his number and the sports artist John Robertson standing next to the large scale painting.

Aaron Rodgers Quarterback Green Bay Packers

This large scale football painting of Aaron Rodgers quarterback of the Green Bay Packers is approximately 48” x 72 acrylic on unstretched canvas.  


The cost of a piece depends on a variety of factors –  size, subject matter (meaning the particular sport, how many figures in the painting,) materials, etc.  You do not see a "buy link" on the images as I prefer to work directly with the client for a personal experience.  Almost all of my work is large-scale generally starting as 5 feet by 6 feet, acrylic on unstretched canvas. (that means no stretcher bars or frames.)  The paintings generally hang much like a tapestry or banner.  Some clients do have them framed.  The sizes go up to 8 feet by 15 feet with a variety of sizes in-between depending on the space allocated for it’s hanging. 

photograph of a contemporary home with the football image on the wall painted by sports artist John Robvertson 
Large scale Football Art on the wall of a client's home. I can create paintings to fit specific needs, including smaller work.  The smaller work I create is generally using old sports magazines and newspaper, attaching the material to gallery wrapped stretched canvas and creating a figure on the applied material.  The piece is then lacquered for both the aesthetics and protection of the surface.

Previous Projects

You may have already read on this site that my most recent sports painting project is paintings for the new Atlanta Braves Atadium in Atlanta, Ga and the remodel for the Green Bay Packers stadium, Lambeau Field.  Both big projects were completed in 2017. Minnesota Vikings Football Stadium in Minneapolis, MN.  You can see some of those paintings by scrolling through recent blog posts on th eblog.   There is generally downtime between getting decisions made as the projects progress.   Previous to these stadiums five large-scale paintings were created for the new San Francisco 49er’s football stadium (Levi Stadium) in Santa Clara, Ca. 

Owner's suite, San Francisco 49er's football , Levi's Stadium.   I have created art for Fox Sports, Fox Sports Net, Prudential Sports Arena (home of the New Jersey Nets and the New Jersey Devils), the Amway Sports Arena, Orlando Florida home of the Orlando Magic. My art has been used in movies and on television shows and various other commercial projects. I also create images for private clients, television shows and various other commercial projects. The newest project will be creating work for the NBA Milwalkee Bucks teams, new basketball stadiu8m opening for the 2018-2019 season.
  Los Angles Dodgers baseball runner sliding into home plate with the catcher trying to block the play

This painting of a Los Angeles Dodger painting created on a series of Los Angeles maps and displayed on the wall of the owners's home office.If you are interested in commissioning me to paint a specific subject, favorite player, team or any other subject you would like to be  painted, or wish to discuss a painting with me please contact me at:

  Painting of a boxer on the wall of a malibue home of Juilo Cesar Chavez
Boxing painting Juilo Cesar Chavez hanging in Malibu, Ca home.

Excample of a painting, of Joe Montana displayed in a client's office. 

This painting of a boy gives you an example of what a large-scale painting can look like in a smaller room. As you can see it works quite nicely as a decoritive piece. and still has the personal touch of a painting of one of their children. 
This painting of a boy in a private home.

large scale motorcycle painting hanging in the home 
Painting iof a client in a private home.

Baseball Players on Steroids

Baseball and Steroids, Runs, Hits and Lots of Errors

The first thing a new season’s manager needs to tell the players is the difference between human growth hormones (HGH), bovine growth hormone (bGH) and no hormones – and it has nothing to do with utters. He needs to tell the players some side
effects of steroids are reversible but other effects are never changed in the minds of the public.

By taking steroids and bGH a player can inflate his statistics and his body.  I don’t mean to pick on Mark McGwire but to use him as an example In 1996 McGwire hit 50 home runs with 390 official times at bat – every 7.8 times he was at the plate. Babe Ruth did that eating candy bars and "light drink." When listening to McGwire’s infamous performance before House Government Reform Committee in March 2005 there were short pauses while viewers smothered their faces with laughter. McGwire didn’t hit 135 home runs in two years eating bonbons.

Originally the baseball was made so you couldn’t hit it easily, high, or far, so 60 home runs a season hitters are usually pituitary freaks. But we want our players to be made by nature not in the lab. Remember when baseball players were small? (For example: PeeWee Reese). Joe DIMaggio was only 6 feet 2 inches and weighed 193 pounds. Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio? There is a generation out there that thinks DiMaggio invented the coffee maker.

Like Joe DiMaggio, baseball players are symbols – of what things were what things are and what things will be. I guess we, as fans, get what we deserve. I just prefer not to see a some great ballplayer pumped up on steroids riding in a convertible waving to a frenzied crowd.

Venice Beach, CA Street Basketball Players

Thoughts on a College Basketball Sports Painting

What kind of interests me, as an artist is what happens to all the college basketball players after their final seasons.   I thought of this as I finished watching the Michigan and Villanova win in their NCAA “final-four” games and their move on to the Championship game.  This is when these two teams are at their peak -  Why? - Because Michigan was the team with hot games at the end of the season and Villanova being the best team at the end of the season.  What happens to the all the players who did not achieve the ultimate college basketball goal?

Venice Beach Basketball Players 

This black and white sports art painting of a couple of Venice Beach, Ca. players ended up in the Amway Sports Arena in Orlando Florida where the NBA Orlando Magic play their home games.  The painting is 5 feet by 6 feet, acrylic on canvas.
These years spent playing will probably be the highlight of their lives – they certainly have achieved more in a shorter time then I will ever have over my entire lifetime.  But where do all those players go?   The reason I say this is that that the basketball painting you see here on this page is of basketball players that play on the Venice Beach, Ca. street basketball courts.  Most of the players on the main court are ex, really good high school and college players.  Occasionally some ex-pros show up on the courts for a pick up a game.  These are the courts where the movie “White Men Can’t Jump” was filmed.   Think of all those great college players that did not go on to play in the pros.  Where are they and what do they do?  What do they think about the past – and the future. 

Why Paint Sports Art Figures

 Me,  I don’t have much of a past and I certainly don’t have much of a future.  I don’t have “ past glory’s – just a mundane life – or as the joke goes, “living a life of quiet desperation.”   So, all in all, that is probably why I have ended up painting sports figures as I can live vicariously through the paintings, like a rabid sports fan that roots for his favorite player or team.  It’s an enjoyable pastime of beauty and inspiration. 

This black and white sports art painting of a couple of Venice Beach, Ca. players ended up in the Amway Sports Arena in Orlando Florida where the NBA Orlando Magic play their home games.  The painting is 5 feet by 6 feet, acrylic on canvas.

In the Masters? – Nope. No Golf. Not This Year

Not Going to the Masters

What did they tell me when I asked about playing in the Masters?  Nope. Not this year – or any.  You’re not even in the PGA.   Who was I informed by?  My old golfing boss who ran the golf driving range where I had worked.   Twice I asked him why and the third time he told me:  “Well, when you putt you are trying to putt straight, just like you are shooting arrows.” He said, “with all your practice you’d think you would be getting closer to the hole.”  But I wasn’t.  I still hadn’t learned to hook properly either on the greens or on the fairways.  At least I don’t cry after my sixth putt to the flag.  

(golf painting speed painting time lapse demo 35 seconds)

The fairway – I don’t spend much time there.  I’m usually off to looking for my golf ball on either the left or right side of all that nice green grass.  And I walk the course, never using a caddy.  I have enough people in a foursome to laugh at my play – I don’t want to be paying for one more person to join in on the laugh track.  I lug that bag myself – with two ball retrievers – just in case I break one.

I’m not saying I don’t take my game seriously.  I do – I do everything possible to lower my scores.  I go to the driving range almost every day to hit a bucket of balls, bouncing them off of the golf picker out around a hundred and sixty yards - which is about as far as I can drive a ball.   I take lessons from a golf pro.  At least I think he is a pro because he does wear Bermuda shorts.  And the best thing I do to lower my score is to cheat.  Yeah, cheat.  Some days you’d think I was playing soccer out there, the way I can kick a ball around.  And I am good with a pencil too.  I certainly know how to add.  But I am much, much better at subtraction.

About the painting in the golf video

So where does all of this leave me?  Painting.  To relax I was told by my doctor take golf. It can be a relaxing hobby.  Nope.  Not relaxing.  So I took up painting.  The time lapse golf video you see here is a sample of what I do with paint.  It’s short – the demonstration is about 35 seconds and the actual sports art is about seven feet.  If you are on my blog you surely know that I am a sports artist, painting professionally for sports stadiums and arenas and other commercial projects.  I take commissions and would be happy to do a sports selfie of you playing your favorite sport.  You can reach me through my contact pages and I will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

NCAA March Madness final four Basketball painting

March Madness

So we are down to the final four in this year’s March Madness - and I am rooting for is the improbable No. 11 Loyola Chicago who dominated Kansas State in an upset win over March Sadness Kansas.  Loyala played a great game by overshadowing Kansas in Saturday’s Elite Eight matchup   Totally unexpected for them to lead from the 16:31 point of the first half.

Is the final four, Loyola Ramblers the NCAA team is going to be the fairy tale story in this March Madness? Is Loyola going down the crazy rabbit hole with the March Hare, runs with the mad hatter and comes out winning in wonderland.  The March Madness tournament is always like entering “ Through the Looking Glass”  because you never know what you are going to see.  Are the players going to play as if they trained with a skillful coach or are they going to act as if trained by a Hookah-Smoking Caterpillar.  That is what makes watching a college basketball tournament so exciting. They beat the pros for enthusiasm every time. 

This first week a sixteen seeded team jumps ahead, a highly ranked team pulls a “humpty-dumpty” and gets knocked off.  With every turn on the scoreboard the college basketball world gets stunned when a favorite loses and we watch the merriment of the underdog.  There is nothing more exciting that a true buzzer-beater.  That’s what great about watching the NCAA March Madness tournament – anything can happen ant this year is no different than any other in that respect.

The March Madness basketball painting by sports artist John Robertson is 60" x 72" acrylic on unstretched canvas.

MLB Baseball Opening Day Artist John Robertson Baseball Painting

Opening Day Major League Baseball (MLB)

Is March 29 a national holiday?  Should be, as it is MLB’s opening day of the baseball season.  There should be floats, and the Blue Angels dipping into the stadium – a huge balloon release or five hundred red, white and blue pigeons flying around the stadium.  Fireworks blasting overhead.   For   Every player is nervous with either butterflies in their stomach or a monkey on their back.  It all depends on how their last season ended.  But it is a special day, a birthday for everyone.  Something, somewhere in some stadium something great will happen. 
this is to be the first day we get to see the potential fairy tail team that will go on to win the World Series - or it will be our first sight of a future Hall of Famer.

It is a new dawn with a game opening in a forty degree icebox of a stadium or another stadium opening in a climate conducive to an eighty-two degree warming oven.  Will you be there to see it?  Will you see the first pitch, the first throwing of the hotdog or bag of peanuts?  Are we going to see an opening day shutout?  A no-hitter?  Only happened once. A walk-off home run?  Why not?  It is the ceremonial beginning of spring.

Me?  What will I do?  I will probably create a new baseball painting – something that will remind me of that opening day in late March.  That is what painting is for me – a way of recalling a day or experiencing it again through the act of painting.  It is a part of life that    I can’t let go but need to remind myself of the joys of spring.  Opening day does that for me.  The new year is not in January it is the opening day of spring bringing all the hopes of a great year. 

The baseball sports art painting by sports artist John Robertson is Sports Art baseball painting image of a baseball painting approximately 60“ by 72”, acrylic on unstretched canvas.


Are you interested in purchasing a painting from sports artist John Robertson?  Do you need a colorful and creative solution to a difficulty? Would you like to brainstorm? Any questions or thoughts? I may be of some assistance. You may take some time with your thoughts and email me using the email address:

John Robertson's most recent commercial project is paintings for the new MLB Atlanta Braves stadium opening in April 2017 and the remodel of the NFL Green Bay Packers stadium opening in July 2017.  He has created work for the  Minnesota Vikings Football Stadium ( U.S. Bank Stadium ) in Minneapolis, Minnesota, opening summer of 2016.  He also created five large-scale paintings for the new San Francisco 49ers, Levi Stadium. Sports Artist John Robertson has created art for Fox Sports, Fox Sports Net, Prudential Sports Arena (at the time home of the New Jersey Nets and the New Jersey Devils), the Amway Sports Arena, Orlando Florida home of the Orlando Magic and various other commercial projects. He has also created a number of images for private clients.

The photograph is of Al Martinez and the painting John Robertson
 created and was used at the Huntington Library exhibit examining
 the six-decade-long career of Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist
Martinez.  It was showcased in an exhibition that looked back at
 how the writer has chronicled the foibles, peccadilloes,
accomplishments, and, sometimes, sad plights of those around him. “
Al Martinez: Bard of L.A.,” on view in the Library, West Hall, a
t The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.  
The painting was also use as the cover for the Al Martinez book
 "Reflections: Columns from The Los Angeles Times."

About Sports Artist  John Robertson

There is an intriguing article about the sports artist John Robertson from the Los Angeles Times written by the Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Al Martinez.  It was published in the Los Angeles Times, front page, Southern California Living Section E, Thursday, July 19, 2001.  Although the column was written s number of years ago it certainly captures the essence of John.

 Al Martinez’s column

 I have a dream tucked away in the shadows of my mind but I don't know exactly what it is yet. I'm hoping that one of these days the shadows will lift and the dream will emerge, like an Emerald City glowing in the distance.  Meanwhile, it exists out there in the darkness, a land I've never visited in a world that doesn't exist.

I've been thinking about this for two reasons. One has to do with ( sports artist ) John Robertson, whom I'll get to in a minute, and the other with a play at the Ahmanson called "TheFlight of the Lawnchair Man".  It was in a trilogy of one-act plays about fate and goals and where life takes us. Sometimes whether we want to go there or not.

In 'Flight," a childlike man named Jerry had always wanted to learn to fly, but his ambition had been thwarted for one reason or another.  In middle age, knowing it is then or never, he attaches 400 helium-filled balloons to a lawn chair and drifts off into a fantasy-filled sky, feeling the sun, tasting the distance. When last seen, he was floating away in his dream.

It was a lovely little play that I thought about a lot, because I'm a dreamer too. Most of us are, I think, but we never get around to living our dreams, except for one or two of us who tie balloons to lawn chairs and take to the sky. Which brings me back to John Robertson.

Robertson is 57 and lives in a hilltop house trailer overlooking the ocean.  He's a slight man with a graying beard and the kind of enthusiastic attitude that glows in the dark; a guy doing exactly what he should be doing.  Robertson paints. Not with fancy oils and acrylics on textured canvas but with house paint on those rolls of canvas you put on the floor when you're redoing the ceiling. It was a question of economics at first. Drop cloths and cans of paint are a lot cheaper than the stuff you buy in art stores. Later it became a choice.

He began painting about a dozen years ago in all kinds of styles and sizes, but what he's become known for are the faces of musicians and writers he puts on 4 1/2-by 6-foot canvases in a techniques vaguely reminiscent of Jackson Pollock's. Faces glow through streaks and lines of color. Mine is one of them.

Robertson heard I was going to read and sign my novel "The Last City Room" at Village Books in the Palisades and asked if he could paint my face to hang in the window. He took a photograph first and painted from that. The somber, meditative visage of a journalist stares out. Me in a darker mood.

I met with Robertson later at his trailer house on a day as dramatic as any painting could ever be. The expanse of ocean below us was laced with a mist that shone like a bridal veil in the emerging sunlight. The blue above it was as pure as heaven.  Embraced by the ethereal view, Robertson revealed his dream.

He was working as an executive for a large chain furniture store when he became ill. He took six months off then worked part-time for a year and a half. No one has ever figured out what was wrong with him. ...(until later when he was diagnosed with Aerial Fibrillation)...  It caused emotional problems, he says, so he went to a psychiatrist who asked him what he'd liked to do as a child. Robertson said he'd always like coloring books. So the shrink said, "Then go color."

A lot of things happened after that. He was fired from his job, his marriage fell apart and he went to see a Van Gogh painting at the Getty. It's called "The Irises,“ and it took his breath away. "I used to wonder why anyone would spend $50 million for a painting," he said. "Then I saw, 'Irises' and broke into tears.  I stood there for two hours just staring at it. I've been trying to create the same emotional feeling ever since."

Offered another job, he agonized over whether to return to the straight world, the gray world, then took the advice of his minister who said, "Follow your heart.“ Robertson turned down the job offer and began living his dream.  He painted

forests and fields of flowers at first, pursuing the surge of emotion Van Gogh had engendered, like the lawn-chair man searching for something beyond his range of vision. But it was mostly the faces on large canvases that Robertson liked doing, seeking the elusive nature of those whose features he describes in streams of color.

"Life is good," he said the other day. He meant it. Here was a guy who had walked away from a workaday world without looking back. Who discovered a talent he never knew he had, entwined with the dream he never knew he was dreaming. Here was a happy man.  He sells enough paintings to pay the rent and buy food. It takes him about three days to do a large portrait, and he'll sell you one for what you earn in your own three days of work. Musicians and writers get them for a little less than, say Bill Gates might pay.

"It's a bohemian life," Robertson says, "I only have time to paint. It's nothing great. I'm just putting paint on canvas. That's what it's all about. That's what I want."

I stopped along the ocean on the way home to think about that, where sky and sea merge in a wash of gradient blues. I stared toward the horizon for a long time, wondering about my own dream. And as I drove away, I couldn't help but envy the lawn-chair man, colored balloons radiant in the sunlight, soaring off toward the far distance.

Football Art Painting Philadelphia Eagles NFC Championship Torry Smith

Philadelphia Eagles Football Art 

During the playoffs I have created football art of plays from the teams where some of my family live.  This football painting is of the team Philadelphia Eagles in the city where one of my niece’s lives.  The painting is of Torry Smith of the Philadelphia Eagles during the NFC Championship game
against the Minnesota Vikings played at Lincoln Financial Field. Torry in the third quarter, received a 41 yard pass from quarterback Nick Foles.  Smith caught the ball in front of Harrison Smith of the Minnesota Vikings and beat him to the end zone. Torry had a decent game with 5 catches for 69 yard, but what made it special was this touchdown catch.  

Torrey Smith Family Fund 

I didn’t know much about Torry Smith before doing the painting.  Mot of the time I just read basic statistics and a little history about the players – just to keep informed.  What I discovered about Torry Smith was his foundation - The Torrey Smith Family Fund.  It is a…”nonprofit that aims to provide youth with the tools they need to identify, unleash and reach their full potential.”  Here is a website giving information about the foundation. and  information on his work in the community.  It sounds like a great organization.  What I liked in particular was a couple of things they did.  To quote from his web page, …..”Torrey’s Back to School Program” is held each August with the purpose of ensuring that low-income elementary and middle school students have the basic items needed to begin the school year. Teachers also receive supplies they need to start the school year “Torrey’s Back to School Program” is held each August with the purpose of ensuring that low-income elementary and middle school students have the basic items needed to begin the school year. Teachers also receive supplies they need to start the school year”  What a great gift to the community from the Torrey Smith Family Fund.  All my best to you, Torry.

Sports Art Danny Amendola New England Patriots

Danny Amendola New England Patriots

My daughter and granddaughters live in New England so it seems appropriate that I paint one of the plays from the New England Patriots and Jacksonville Jaguars AFC Championship Game.  My sports art painting is my interpretation of the pass reception and touchdown thrown by New England
Patriots Tom Brady to wide-receiver Danny Amendola.  The touchdown gave the New England Patriots the go-ahead points against the Jacksonville Jaguars that ultimately decided the AFC Championship Game – and leads up to the SuperBowl.  This will give the Patriots number 10 visit to the Superbowl.  And all of this came by the on 9-yard touchdown pass Tom Brady threw to Danny Amendola

 Superbowl Bound

 This is the third time in four seasons that the NFC Champions New England Patriots are going to the Superbowl.   If you do not remember, last year in Superbowl 51 the New England Patriots were trailing 28 to 3 behind the AFC Atlanta Falcons.  In the largest comeback in the history of the NFL Superbowl, and in overtime, the Patriots, lead by the great quarterback, Tom Brady, they won the game 34 to 28.

Danny Amendola said about the win over the Jacksonville Jaguars and gave them the win for this years boost into the Superbowl 52,  "It means a lot. We worked so hard for this."  Amendola, made a strong contribution to the win by catching seven passes for 84 yards.

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